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Roller Derby For All

Women’s, Men’sAdult and Juniors/Youth teams are all available for 

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We will offer OPEN to the PUBLIC for RECREATIONAL skating events (not derby) with the Teams TBD monthly to foster the communities involvement and participation.

Be part of something NEW, done like NEVER before here locally in the valley. Roller Derby is a popular roller sport coast to coast with the Pacific Northwest hosting many top tier teams. Roller skating is a time-tested recreation that is lower cost, healthy and safe for the entire family with tens of millions of skaters annually (RSA Statistics 2018). 

Now we are pleased to share the Roller Derby experience in a safe as possible and controlled format for the entire family with age and experience appropriate levels of participation. We are aware of the barriers to entry such as;

  • Busy Schedule’s
  • Initial Investment
  • Reoccurring Fee’s
  • Lack of Availability
  • Knowledge of Required Equipment
  • Fear of Injury

The world is putting every growing demand on personal time, along with an ever-ballooning cost for recreation that seems to never end. We respect that you have busy personal lives as a recreational skater, we do not require meetings, attendance or board positions. Much like a gym you pay a fee and come as often or little as you want with Skate Club Roller DerbyWe have done our best to offer equipment packages that make things as simple as possible. The minimum safety gear and specifications required for each team are listed on the team’s pages, gear does not have to be purchased from our website and is offered as a service.

We have programs like “Learn to Skate” appropriate for all skill levels for all ages and genders. Want more social interaction join the Skate Club Roller Derby B-team for a casual recreational level commitment to derby and make new friends while you get in shape. Not enough and want more then help us build a WTFDA sanctioned level Women’s team with the Dictator Dames Roller Derby A-Team!** Our goal is to invigorate the existing roller skate enthusiasts and create new passionate skaters and skate minded families! We have need for members on and off skates with different ways to be part of making our local community better, feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Marshal Rink & FEC page contains information on the Roller Rink & Family Entertainment Center we are currently working toward making a reality here in the valley, which we are currently seeking investment for the project.

Roller Derby is a community grassroots sport and we are no different, so come; Grow with us, Fall with us, Learn with us and Lace up and LET’S ROLL TOGETHER!!! 

**The requirements for the A-Teams are outlined in our Handbook and covered before committing to that level of play and trying out. 

(Graphic Below is NOT Roller Derby Safety Information and pertains to Roller Skating Only)

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