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Chloe Marshal
Chloe~Zilla #7854

Certified CPR/AED & First Aid (Infant, Child & Adult) 
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We are a local startup company, the brainchild of Miss Marshal an Entrepreneur who is largely a lifelong resident of the Wenatchee Valley. Our goal is to bring back Roller Skating & Roller Derby with a modern Roller Rink and Family Entertainment Center (FEC). The focus will be on recreational and professional skating opportunities here in the valley and surrounding region. A family friendly venue with diverse entertainment offerings from industry standards like Rental Skating, Food & Drink, Arcade Games and Birthday Parties. 

We are currently in the first phase of our venture which is to establish local Adult & Junior Roller Derby teams with our motto of "Roller Derby for All". We recognize there are many different ways to run a roller derby league/team with pros & cons in all models. The hope is to free skaters/members from tasks they may not have the time for, or desire to participate in such as running a business or constant fund-raising functions.

As a skater herself Miss Marshal is very aware of members concerns and issues surrounding the roller derby culture and is actively working to maintain a healthy balance of those models to provide an unparalleled local skating experience. There is a tiered approach for commitment levels of participation. Using current technology and professional organizational structure to maximize the value of our members money and time toward their time on skates. 

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