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Roller Derby in Wenatchee, WA

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"Downtown Roll Around"
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Roller Derby in Wenatchee, WA, Down Town Roll Around

We are currently working through the process to secure our desired location on South Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801. This location is a good start towards our goal of a full-scale facility, designed for roller skating and tailored to the skater's needs with thought put into every aspect of the design. Marshal Rink & FEC page contains information on the Roller Rink & Family Entertainment Center that is our long-term goal.

We will have programs like “Learn to Skate” appropriate for all skill levels for all ages and genders. Our goal is to invigorate the existing roller skate enthusiasts and create new passionate skaters and skate minded families!

We still face some hurdles to make this location happen, any support or donations are greatly needed and appreciated to help bring back roller derby in Wenatchee WA, and the surrounding area. This location will have all of the favorites from the past and modern features of today like recreational (public skating), birthday parties, private venue rentals, themed nights, and more!

We will also be offering roller derby for everyone ages 6 and up! We would like to open if possible before the year's end! Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments on our contact page.

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