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Roller Derby in Wenatchee, WA

Our mission is simple “Roller derby for all”

We are aware that the initial cost of equipment for the roller derby in Wenatchee, WA, for some, is harder than others. We are working with local business leaders to help subsidize the cost for those who need the assistance to get rolling. We hope more business firms offer support in the form of sponsorships. We are actively looking for those amazing sponsors to step forward and help pledge that support.


If you are interested in some form of financial assistance toward your initial gear purchase*, please contact us, and we will work toward getting you rolling the best we can.


We also offer help offset the costs of monthly participation on a case-by-case basis*.


*Our financial assistance is only for active or new members with initial memberships. Nonmembers and members more than 60 days behind on membership fees are not eligible.

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